• Fei Xu
    Digital Tools for Designers (Archi 135) – Assignment 106

  • Eva Phe
    Digital Tools for Designers (Archi 135) – Assignment 106

Assignment 106

Yosemite Cabin (3D + Collage)

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In this assignment you will work with the cabin you designed (same design guidelines) in Assignment 105. You are free to change your design from the plans and elevations you created in Assignment 105. You will create 4 images for this Assignment (106) which you will work on in class (Exercises 127, 129, 130 & 131) and at home. Each of these images will be based on a 3D SketchUp model that you build of your design proposal.

Part I: 3D modeling in SketchUp

  • Using skills discussed in Exercise 126, bring your AutoCAD plan/elevations from Assignment 105 into a new SketchUp file. Make sure your units are “Architectural Feet & Inches”
  • Add as much detail as possible. You should use groups and components when possible. You may also use components from the 3D warehouse.

Part II: Export & Collage in Photoshop

Part III: Submitting your work.

  • For 3 of the 4 above, use File>Save For Web to create a .jpg of your work. Make a post on the course website with a slideshow of these 3 images before class on Wednesday 12/9.
  • You should comment on 3 of your fellow students’ work for this assignment.