Assignment 105

Yosemite Valley Cabin


This will be your first architectural design assignment for this course. You have been selected to be the architect of a small 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom cabin. The cabin will be located in the “Happy Isles” section of Yosemite Valley (See .zip download for specific information). You will create an AutoCAD floor plan & 4 elevations of this cabin to highlight your design decisions and to showcase your cabin to your client.

Part I: Program

  • Your clients, a husband, and wife, with no children, have requested the following for their cabin.
  • 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom (400 sf)
  • Living space, with fireplace and windows that capture the site (200 sf)
  • Kitchen, open to living space (150sf)
  • Dining Space (150 sf)
  • Maximum square footage: Less than 1000 sf

Part II:  Evaluation of Site

  • Download the site information package from the course website and open the .kmz Google Earth file.  Explore the site using Google Earth and look through pictures taken from this location to get a better sense of the site.

Part III:  AutoCAD Drawings of Floor Plan (During/After Exercise 118)

  • Open the “Topography - A105.dwg” file provided.  This file has the topography (at 1’ contour intervals) of your site.  Your cabin should fit within this 1000’ x 1000’ site.  Note:  The Merced River flows through the site, see photographic information for site context.
  • Draw the floor plan of your cabin.  You should use lineweights to distinguish features in your cabin (see example lineweights drawing).  Your plan should be detailed and should show window and door locations as well as a complete kitchen and bathroom.  You may include furniture, though it is not required.

Part IV:  AutoCAD Drawings of Elevations (During/After Exercise 120)

  • Following the techniques discussed in Lecture 120, fold-out 4 elevation views of your cabin.  You may also need to draw a roof plan to help clarify your roof slopes, etc.
  • Use lineweights to highlight your drawing (see example lineweights drawing)

Part V:  Final Assembly & Collage of views (During/After Exercise 121)

  • Assemble a .pdf file using a layout in AutoCAD.  The final sheet should be 24x36 and should contain the plan as well as the 4 elevations of your building.
  • You should then open the layout in Adobe Illustrator and perform post-processing on your layout.  Add text as necessary as well as background textures if desired (or if they will enhance your layout). (Exercise 122) You may also consider doing an architectural diagram (or series of diagrams) to highlight your design decisions.

Part VI: Output

  • You will need to plot your 24x36 sheet on one of the school plotters.  (There is one in ET103 and one in ET116 for you to use) Specific instructions will be given in class.
    • Note: The above requirement will only be in place if we are able to return to face-to-face class meetings prior to 4/22.  This requirement may be waived altogether or the due date for the physical print may change depending on evolving circumstances surrounding COVID-19 and the "Shelter-In-Place" county order.
  • Export a .jpg of your work and post it to the course website before the beginning of class on Wednesday, 4/29.  You must turn in the printed version and the online version.
  • You will need to comment on 3 of your fellow student’s works for this assignment.