Assingment 101 – RockAbyss- ChasselynneM

When I took this picture, I enjoyed the orange on the rock's surface in contrast with the dark, wet center. The original photo was very dual and gave a dirty look to the rock. So I first used a "curve" layer to brighten the image and make the black portions a little darker. After that, I masked it, so the curve only affected the top of the rock. To bring the red/orange color more forward, I applied a mask for the top of the rock again, made the colors pop through the channel mixer, and then saturated the yellows and reds. Afterward, I made a new layer to "Dodge and Burn" the whole image, lightening the wood wedged in the middle and some on the rock going downward to bring out the blues and moistness. Lastly, to bring out the whites and blacks one last time, I created a levels layer for the full photo. I Also tried sharpening the rock portions closer to the tips, but it is relatively unnoticeable.

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  1. I love the way that you enhanced the piece of wood in your edited picture compared to the original. It gives more depth to the image, and lightening it made the picture pop out more to me. I also think that the orange on the rock was given so much more color which is beautiful and changed the image completely.

  2. Hi,CHASSELYNNEM, In the changed image, the details of the stone are highlighted and the colors are more vivid and cute.More full of natural breath and vitality of life.At the same time, the overall picture is more comfortable and highlights the traces of water flow.This is great.The details of the texture could be better.Good job.

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