Assn 101

For this photo, I used the Channel Mixer to add a Pop effect to bring out the bright colors. I also used the curves adjustment layer to brighten up the foreground and make the varying depths stand out. A lot of the differences in these photos are because of the dodge and burn tool. I used the dodge tool in the foreground to make the grass and rock stand out, and I used the burn tool on the sky to add drama and depth to the clouds, darkening the shadows.

Comments (3)

  1. Great use of the dodge and burn tool in the clouds, like you said it adds drama. And the same can be said with the foreground, using dodge brings out the rock and the grass.

  2. The picture is nice. I think it’s more beautiful because the color of the sunset is redder. Also, the Dodge and burn tool that you used, makes the view of the mountain range clearer, making it comfortable to see.

  3. I am really enjoying these photos because of the fiery colors. I can see a significant improvement on the final photo because the ridge and the ground is a lot more visible yet not distracting from the sky.

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