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My name is Joathan Madamba Alfonso and I am a multimedia artist. I am a Filipino-American and in Pittsburg, California. My hobbies are drawing, playing video games and basketball, and watching animated films. Since I was young, I was always fascinated with cartoons and video games based on character development and storytelling, and this led me to love drawing as well as learning in the digital art field.

I graduated at California State University, Hayward around December 2014 and have been creating multimedia designs for over a while. In addition, I interned at both companies, Wholly H2O and Ocean Voyages Institute, in designing posters, brands and other advertisements for their water conservation projects for over three months. I worked at Bay Direct Inc., a direct marketing company in Walnut Creek around mid-2015. Currently, I am working in a marketing team inside my church and looking for career as multimedia artist, illustrator, or graphic designer.

Passion and effort are important to me. I put a lot of effort and time to polish what I make. Interacting with the tools help me understand how I would use them to make my work better. When something is complete, I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. When people see my work, I hope that they appreciate what I did and believe that anything is possible if you pour your passion and effort in what you do.

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