blooms in detail

this photo with a fuzzy background help been out the detail of the blooms, showing the beauty of the shape of the flowers. this style of photo lets you see the texture of the blooms, wood, and the where they change from rough wood to the soft green on the bottom of the blooms. it also was planed out to show the different growth of the blooms from youth green buds to fully opened blooms about to loose their white petals.

Comments (3)

  1. Your photo is quite striking with its use of a wide aperture to achieve the blurry background effect. The dark background also adds a nice contrast to the white flours. Although most of the photo’s colors seem subdued and muted, the orange anthers help to make the picture pop.

  2. I like how the blurred background helps emphasize the detail of the flowers. Without the blurring, I think the photo would have been too cluttered.

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