Building on the Equator, Noriko Gurnari, Exercise 1

This building located directly on the equator in Kuala Lunpur, Malaysia.

It has an unique and modern shape.



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  1. Makes me think of a sand worm from this sci-fi show. I find the contrast to be a little extreme. I wonder what the intention behind the form is? Is there any other than looks?

  2. The shape is unique and eye catching! reminds me a little of paper lanterns stacked on top of each other. I bet it would look fantastic lit up at night.

  3. Almost looks like out from a science fiction movie! It automatically become a landmark just because of its unique design.

  4. This building already exists?! It is surreal and enchanting.

    Is it possible for you to update your link? This one leads to an error and I would love to read about it.

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