Cabin Design Package – Grant Adams

I have had a number of students ask me to share some of my own work/renderings/drawings.  I will try to post some sample work and explain how certain pieces were done.  These posts are not meant to be tutorials, just samples.  I hope you all find them useful and helpful.  You can view them under the student work section under "Graduate Work"  -Grant

The above design set is for a Forrest Service Lease cabin (Recreation Residence) at Fallen Leaf Lake, California.  This is a submittal packet for review by their staff to add the dormers shown as well as to replace the existing (crumbling) foundation and to replace existing windows and siding.  It was submitted in conjunction with an engineering set of drawings that outlines the technical work to be done.

Governing the review process is/was a document for the North Pacific Province which has suggested architecture and character for these "recreation residences".  You can view the .pdf here.  The goal with this set of drawings was to produce a set that met an expectation created by this character of a "recreational residence."

While I did all of the modeling in Rhinoceros, the final set of drawings needed to appear hand drawn/sketched to keep in this character.  To create this "look," I took the Rhinoceros model and exported it into a SketchUp (.skp) file.  I then brought the model into SketchUp and set up some saved "Scenes" and exported in a variety of formats (the best ones being "airbrush," "hidden lines," and "hidden lines with shadows on and edges/profiles off").  I combined images into an 11x17 set in InDesign and set up borders/titleblock to appear to be hand drawn (these were created in SketchUp and brought into InDesign so as to match character of drawing).  The font used is made from my own handwriting (see, Exercise 115, Exercise 116).  Finally, for the material/color board, I chose paint colors from and translated them into color values from and added them as background color while using the line drawing layer as a "multiply" blending mode.  I created several color schemes before deciding on which was ideal.

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