Caitlin Shumate – Assignment 101

I enhanced this image by making different adjustment layers, such as Levels, Channel Mixer, Curves, Contrast, and Vibrance. I also made a layer and used the dodge and burn tool for areas of the sky.

Comments (11)

  1. Nice job enhancing those colors and creating more of a highlight on the reelection. The extra oranges and indigo improve it. The silhouette in the composition and variety of shapes are eye-catching.

  2. The new photo shows so much more color, on the water and on the sky. I can see red on the water in the new image versus the old one. Great picture.

  3. I like the color choice. I also like the fact that you brought out more detail in the grass and in the hills, still leaving it under exposed to bring the main focus on the sky and the water. Great photo!!!!!

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