Carla Bernal’s Assignment_03

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  1. I like you’re using grids on the back and election of typeface.:)
    If you try other color instead orange(?) I think it’s more effective to emphasis.

  2. Psh. You show-off, you. Way to one-up the entire class 😀 I love how professional this looks. Your text fits with the graph, and the graph, while covering the entire area, doesn’t overpower the image. TEACH ME YOUR WAYS! 😛

  3. I like that the image you chose was a perspective drawing of seating for a lot of people at the bottom and that at the top we see the trusses. It really pulls me in. The grid also works really well since its so light and subtle. And it looks inviting and comforting to me with the neutral palette plus the touch of orange. Your poster really makes me want to actually go to the lecture. It looks official!:D

  4. I like all of the sketches and graph paper background that your chose. It is definitely appropriate for an ARCHITECTURAL lecture series. The sketches also don’t take over the entire poster, because they are toned down with a good softness. I also really like the color that you have chosen; and used in just the right places, as to not overpower the poster. The only criticism that i could find is that the graph paper on the far left is different from the main graph paper. But that is a small detail. Great job!

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