Carla Bernal’s Exercise_4.1

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  1. Oooohhh – I like the colors. Eye catching, yet subtle. Really nice choice. I like the bottom one the best. The lines on the first one seem extraneous, the placement of the lettering on the second one seems almost distracting. The third one is just right – your eye is subtly drawn to the center by the placement of the words. It makes me wonder what equal thirds across the image (ihorizontally?) would look like, but mostly it’s just curiosity. Really sophisticated looking. You ARE a genius.

  2. I swear. If you complain that you don’t get something, one more time, I’m going to throw all of your work at you and just yell in frustration. 😀 This is, again, just perfect. I am a huge fan of the color choice and the overlapping layers that pull the label together. I don’t exactly like the second one, and it’s probably because that’s the only one where the fonts are only in one color zone. Other than that, 🙂

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