Casa de Madrid/ Paris Renfroe. (EX 103 – Idermunkh Batbold)

This photography represent creativity and beauty of simple objects, it tells us a story about how certain things relate to each other through color and position. The composition of the building is overlapped, so the photographer genuinely understood the context of the building by focusing on each layer instead of the background.

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Second year architecture student in DVC.

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  1. I like how the color and choose of lighting in this photo. It gives out a homey feelings to this shot. Also, I think the point of view where it was taken gives out a lot of information of the building, like it lets the viewer understand the main feature of the building which is how each layer of the floor being stacked. Great!

  2. Personally speaking, though the building itself is a beauty, but the way photographer depicted it doesn’t give out the best of it. The color is dull and the perspective doesn’t look like being selected articulately.

  3. I would have loved to seen this head on from a horizontal perspective, so that we could see every room. As far as lighting goes, daytime might have also been more favorable.

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