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Assignment 1 – Clinton Tan

I have always been intrigued by paths and where they may lead, leading me to take this picture of an elevated track.

From the original photo, I cropped out some of the sky since it took up almost half of the space in the photo and took focus away from the train track and its vanishing point. Cropping allowed the elements in the photo to more closely follow the “rule of thirds”, with the vanishing point at the center, the tree at the left third and lower two-thirds, the horizon line and the train tracks in the foreground falling approximately in place at the horizontal one-third lines. Then, I used curves and channel mixer to make the image “pop”. I also used levels adjustment to rectify areas of the photo with no black and white pixels. Finally, I used dodge and burn, as well as cloning, to straighten the edges and lines of the elevated track structure for better visual effect. The result is a well-proportioned image with a variety of colors, an eye catching diagonal element, and layers of elements beginning in the foreground and continuing to the horizon.


Edited Version

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