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Marseille Bonafe-Mello’s Take From The Calgary Center Library EXERCISE 101 Arch Daily’s Description

 Whenever someone mentions that they go to a library everyone immediately stereotypes that person as an introvert. Many forget though that libraries are supposed to be a place for education encourages discussions and creativity. You can’t blame them because librarians …

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Why Reusing Buildings Should and Must be the Next Big Thing – Exercise 101 – Ekaterina Svetlysheva

“Why Reusing Buildings Should and Must be the Next Big Thing”, the article written by Mark Alan Hewitt, represents authors view on a current state of buildings preservation and the importance of rethinking a prevailing purpose-built approach in a modern

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Exercise 101

This article showcases Renzo Piano’s showcases the renovation of three art museums in the Harvard Campus.  An annex and a triangular structure unites the North American, Germanic, and Asian art collections by adding more stories. The unification exemplifies the campus …

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