Charley Harper inspired

Using the paletton swatches from exercise 115 and the bottom image from Charley Harper's collection (clair_de_loon), I've re-created another Harper-style image with a turtle-like aquatic creature carrying its young on the top of its shell.

Re-creating the image made me appreciate how Charley can express reflection in such a simple yet beautiful way in his work, I loved the branch that blocks out the reflected portion of the creature, it really enhances a sense of distance in such a two-dimensional artwork.

clair_de_loon transform

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  1. This is so adorable! I’d have liked to see the original too that you manipulated, but I think I remember it from my own searching. I love turtles, so clearly I love this!

  2. My favorite part of your piece is how you represented the reflection on the water. Having horizontal dashing is a really creative way of representing reflections. Great work!

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