Cho Lun Liu- Assignment 101

This picture was taken on the day of the fire. I still remember that day I got up for class as usual and found that the sky was very strange. It's not as bright as usual, but gray and orange. It's easy to think of the end of the world. I only used pop style to deal with this photo, because I didn't want it to change too much, so I just slightly highlighted the sky and made the orange darker. Although it looks very similar to the original, if you look carefully, you will find some changes.

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  1. I got a little emotional about this. This was nicely taken and at the same time sad emotions of this event happening. I think you did this photo justice by just using pop style and darken the orange because it still captures the truest essence, I wouldn’t even be surprise the edit version actually existed.

  2. The edited picture looks cleaner and more dramatic, and making the oranges pop more definitely adds to the tone of the photo.

  3. Your edits are very subtle but that retains the natural look of the photo while making important details more noticeable

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