Assignment 101 Phoebe Lam

Scenario: Remember that day after working for long hours, having your stomach growling, desperately craving for food; and feeling you could eat a horse? Then, you went for a walk to reach your favourite restaurant. Yet, your favourite restaurant which is also the nearest is located miles away. Who cares if it’s miles away? I am still getting myself a nice meal after working! Then, you walked down the road and head to- the destination. After taking a long walk and crossing the roads, you finally reached your favourite restaurant. You stare at the menu, all the food you love are there! Your hidden excitement direct you to order every food on the menu. But wait a minute… You’re eating alone, how can you manage to finish a bowl of ramen, fried chicken, steamed pork buns, ice cream and custard buns? You STRUGGLE.

I believe everyone has encountered this scenario of ordering food and here I am, always struggling to order the right proportion of food.

This picture was taken at a restaurant featuring a woman who was looking at the menu and deciding the food and drink she is going to have. I like her expression and gestures, it explains a lot. Since I want to feature this women with the background fade away, I used a smaller aperture so it focuses on this women, creating depth between the character and the background. ISO is also adjusted to build up an ambience. I used the “rules of thirds” and “diagonal” as the composition of photograph. Even the content is simple, it can still create an interesting image and thus activate the photograph. Later on, I proceed to make some corrections and enhancements. The photo appeared to be dim in the computer. I adjusted the curves to brighten up the photo, with an enhancement in saturation in which it provides rich and catchy colour. Thus, it allows hidden details to be seen. Also, I want to create a dreamy, warm and dramatic ambience for the photograph, I go ahead on changing the tone of the picture to pink and yellow. These soft colours gives a dreamy feeling.

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