Chris Bateman Assignment 101


I enhanced my original image by correcting the light and dark spectrum through levels. I also tweaked the gray spectrum. I lightened the lights and darkened the darks also through curves features. This with some slight color rbg enhancements through channel mixing as well as utilizing the burn and dodge tool, i sharpened up the detail in my image and made it more saturated. The details in focus are sharp and have a good contrast between light and dark. The bold dark crack is in the left vertical 1/3 of the image. Your eye is drawn to it and the surrounding detail. The background negative space is out of focus and is less detailed. It is a spot for your eye to relax from the intense detail going on on the left side of the image. This is a macro image with a foreground and background.

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  1. It is really impressive how you used the dodge and burn tool to emphasize on the details and really bringing them out. And I also like how the wood in the enhanced image is of a deeper red, this really brings it to life and makes your final image more vibrant.

  2. I really like the detail and colors you were able to bring out in your enhanced image. You also did a great job of using the rule of thirds which helps the overall composition too.

  3. I really like its color and the way how you make the texture of the wood clearly. The rule of third and perspective made this photo looks much better.

  4. The difference of the image before and after photo editing is phenomenal. Although the wood tone looks somewhat exaggerated, it adds a lot of vividness to the image. Overall the tones are evened out and the colors are vibrant which helped the image look much better.

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