Chris Bateman Exercise 104

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  1. One’s focus is attracted to the moss in the photo, this is because as you move further back in the image it becomes more blurred and out of focus. While for the moss at the front of the image the pattern is very distinguished and you can see a lot of the color. I just wish for the photo of the tree it was more of a close up photo of a single branch. That way we can really get a feel of the texture of the branch.

  2. I like the third picture of black and white. And also a picture with a rat was focused to rat. All the pictures’ texture are great.

  3. I like the first set of photos most. The color and contrast change clearly emphasize the main object and make the rat be very real. But also, it didn’t reduce the perfect effect of the texture of the stone step.

  4. You have a nice selection of photos. I like how you focus the important part of the photo. The editing gives more texture to your photos.

  5. I really enjoy your photos and how they are taken in a different perspective, especially the one you captured the possum. The trees and the wood really stand out more after rendering.

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