Chris Bateman Exercise 106

I enjoyed this exercise. I like the saturation in the building near the water and the different shades of green in the trees in Yosemite.

Comments (6)

  1. Wow, excellent image. I really like how the night sky at the back helps popping out the outline of the ship. Also, the panorama looks natural and the lighting is great.

  2. You have a nice selection of photos, especially the panoramic view. The sky looks great because it looks natural.

  3. Both of the pictures you’ve chosen are nice especially the one that was taken in Yosemite. Darkening it made the trees look greener.

  4. I really liked the picture of the ship. The colors are very nice, and highly saturated. The overall effect is almost surreal, making the ship look almost like a toy against a staged background.

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