CLV House

This Building is very interesting because of the contrast of the building's roof with it's surrounding mountains making the building to relate with it's context.Also the wood materials facade used for the exterior walls of the the building matches with it's environment thereby it is built with the available surrounding  materials ,the building is built into the mountain making it have a union-ship with the mountain and also  i kind of find the windows of the building interesting in a way that there is a kind of relationship between the interior part of the building and it's environment through views from the inside of the building creating an interaction between the interior and exterior.

  1. The building matches the shape of it's environment.
  2. The building uses materials of it's environment.
  3. The building is in union with the mountain.
  4. There is interaction between the interior and exterior of the building.

CLV House,© Christophe Voisin

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