Combining Photos

This was a tricky assignment, I see that  with practice, how a whole world of creative ideas for photos that are twisted and amazing is now possible.  I left the eyes fully visible because I felt it created more tension than decreasing their opacity.  I am playing with the embossed  tool for future projects, something like a face would really pop with some depth.  I used a lot of clone tool to blend the images in the future I will get better at changing the hue s to match photos. The angle of the face and the trash can matched so it seemed to work naturally for this combination.  I am really liking the abstract fabrication of images.

Comments (2)

  1. Effective and creepy use of combined images. Great overlay and use of dark tones to really get the details of the face with the texture of the trash can.

  2. Wow, it is so funny! It looks nice. I like your idea that you use dark color of face into trash bin. Details are alive.

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