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I found this interesting place which is in Mexico. Generally, concrete used as an industrial material, so I thought that it is good for simple and inorganic design. However, this article shows how concrete can coexist within natural environment like a jungle, and it inspired me a lot. The reason why concrete can fit into the place naturally is it is liquid and it can change forms. It also have a long time history since Ancient Egypt, and even now, concrete has a possibility to invest new ways of use for construction. As you see the picture, the building located inside a jungle, but there is no walls and windows, which is good to feel nature and one strategy they used is two trees passes completely through the roof.

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  1. Although it is a heavy material, concrete can be manipulated to create forms that almost defy gravity. This particular project is an excellent example. The space created is very open, which contributes to the lightness of its structure. I also appreciate how you given some historical context to better explain its purpose. Thank you for sharing your find!

  2. I like how you express the co-existence of concrete with nature and how the concrete is designed to allow the trees to pass through them.

  3. This article has great insight on incorporating industrial material into architecture and creating a new style of architecture. I like the idea of concrete and nature coexisting together.

  4. The article is interesting and it showed me all the different ways concrete could be used in different shape and form.

  5. The open feel that this design gives, while at the same time being a location for shelter fits well together.

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