Cynthia Anne McLean – Assignment #1

In the future I'll try to record the exact settings as well as the adjustments.  In this case I made all adjustments in Picnik.

The first 3 were all under Basic Edits:

1)  Cropped to 4 x 6 proportions - to obtain an image with one side of 8".

2) Saturated the image slightly.

3) Increased the temperature setting slightly.

The last two were under Effects:

4) First I hit it with a big dose of Boost - to bring up the color of the bricks and the leaves.

5) Then I used the Focal Black and White - to hone in on the red bricks and green leaves while leaving the bikes out of the focal circle (of color) as much as possible.

That's all, folks.

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  1. I saw you working on this the other day and was very jealous! I love how you used the building and overhang to frame what you thought was important in the picture. I’m wondering if its the pop of color that makes the image or if it would stand on its own in black and white. Maybe try playing with it more and see if it works.

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