Cynthia Anne McLean – Exercise 3.1

Lessons learned:

1) If your artwork is for something like a CD cover, leave room in your artwork for labels.

2) Print the JPG from the same computer you created the INDD file on.  If you go to another computer, say in another ET lab, the font you so carefully selected and spent mucho time manipulating may not be available on the other computer.

Comments (5)

  1. I really like the design because it has a good balance between all the images and good color contrast. It calls my attention!!!!. The only thing I am going to point out is that the Author’s name is too small and is hard to read. Besides that good job!!!

  2. I like how the text has been morphed so strongly, but it is still very legible; There was no problem reading it. The text “return to atlantis” also really helps describe the picture that you decided to use. Without the text I would have thought these were strange mountains or just abstract design, but with the text I understand what it is (kind of). It’s a perfect picture for the album.

  3. Woohoo! You got it!! Beat that old InDesign to ground 😀 I think I do like this font choice more than the original, but the other one was most definitely a viable option. And the only thing I can complain about is the size of the author’s name. Otherwise, this is absolutely spectacular 🙂

  4. Very very creative! I love that you used your own watercolor as the background and thought abstractly when considering text. The fish shape of your CD title is an excellent finishing touch.

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