Daniel J. Medina, Exercise 101, Revitalizing Public Spaces

"7 Creative Solutions that Revitalize Public Spaces"

In this article by Paula Pintos she describes trough the use of images how and why it is an important thing to place more care on disregarded public spaces. She states that in these days most of the care and renovations are put on the newer buildings or on old buildings of importance and leave some of the most used public spaces disregarded such as alley ways, plazas or highways. According to her revitalizing such places brings people more in contact with one another and it breathes new life to the surrounding area. I agree. 7 examples are then listed of what she means by revitalizing. One example  I enjoyed is the Seaside Balconies, it is simple and plain but it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and it makes a great place for a photo-shoot.


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