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Delphi LUX, Cinema / Batek Architekten + Ester Bruzkus Architekten

September 2017 saw the opening of a new cinema from Yorck Gruppe in Berlin’s City West district, boasting a total of 7 screens and seating for around 600 moviegoers. Bruzkus Batek designed the interior of the auditoriums and the public spaces that connect them. One of the auditoriums is completely black inside, and forms an eyecatching spectacle with its network of strips of light, that seem to dissolve the boundaries of the room. These lights can be any colour desired, thanks to the use of RGB-LED technology. It could inspire young designers to create more cool spaces with fantastic lighting effects,

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  1. This theater seems very modern and the lighting effect within the building is very interesting. The abstract pattern of the lighting makes the interior very unique.

  2. I like the emphasis on lighting in this photo. I wonder if the theater uses the lighting during showings to enhance the feel of the scene or if they turn them off completely.

  3. The cinema that you found looks amazing. I like how the color unify and the lighting blended in so well. It is a very nice modern auditorium with comfortable seats.

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