Designing Dead Space – David San Miguel – Exercise 101

Dutch Studio HofmanDujardin is giving burials a new look with Funeral Centre. These ceremonies honoring the dead are now much more communal with memorials broken up into a three-part sequence: the gathering of friends and family, the ceremony of remembrance and the moment of socialencounter. The first room displays a recollection of photos and videos in celebration of the deceased loved one with floor to ceiling multimedia screens. The second, being the centerpiece of the gathering, holds the coffin with the walls bending inward in a triangular shape creating an intimate feeling for the attendees. The third room offers space for socializing with timber clad walls and floors to exude warm and comfortable atmosphere. Michiel Hofman, Co-Founder of HofmanDujardin, reflects on this project as "[focused] on the intuitive values of human beings... which tries to break this discomfort." It's important for young designers to not only come up with original and innovative ideas but also to consider modernizing concepts of the past.

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