Donna Petralia Exercise 101 “The Seven Principles of Design”

Sustainable Landscape Designs

While this article may not have the typical eye-catching building or structure that we typically see in a graphics design class, it does hit home for me and my passion for Sustainable Landscape Design. The "Seven Principles" are sound reminders of the foundations of good design.

You can read about the Principles and get more information on Sustainable Landscapes here:

Featured image found here:

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  1. This picture draws me in a speaks softly of calm and peaceful moments.
    It makes me want to stroll through and smell the sweet scent of a garden.

  2. What a great photo to showcase design principles. I see balance, symmetry, flow, as well as a wonderful variety of textures and plants. I love it! Thank you for sharing both the link to the article and the photo.

  3. This garden looks so peaceful and serene. The colors and tones flow well with the shapes and other features. I also love the sustainability aspect of it.

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