E125: Elevation-David Martija

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  1. I like the shadows for the roof and windows, they make the elevation look more 3 dimensional. I also like the texture of the concrete.

  2. This was collage work well executed. The texture of the grass and background image has given the image depth without going overboard. Nicely done.

  3. I really liked your work. Everything is very well matched, including texture and background. The house is very expressive and well-positioned.

  4. I really like your choice of texture and ground. Shadows work nicely to make the house match in the background. Nice job!

  5. A nice collage image because we get a good sense of scale with the person placed there and you can really feel the depth of the cabin because of the shadows

  6. The shadows produced are very nice. I like that you used a butterfly roof opposed to any other because its unique.

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