Elephant’s Hill House / 24 7 Arquitetura – Guadalupe Cabrera Guillen – Exercise 101

Elephant's Hill House

The house is set over a hill overlooking the mountains and nature. It features huge glass walls as well as open walls that allow as much landscape to be seen. The suspended pool elevated 6 meters off the ground gives it an interesting look. It is lined with bricks as it connects to the elevated dock that allows you to cross over to it. The house itself compliments the nature around it. The house was built with the intent of being able to incorporate as much of the nature around it to the house.

I like how the main parts of the house are faced towards the landscape as it has a beautiful view of the mountains around it. The house make you feel as if it is one with nature based on how well it blends in with it,  is as if it belongs there. It is interesting the way the walls are set up so that the trees and bushes can appear between the house.


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