Emily Grace, ex. 1.3


PLP for Emily Grace

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  1. I like your choice of Background picture and the way you have aligned your information in the middle of the page.

  2. The background goes well with the picture, as well as your title block. Not to mention the typeface also attributes to the overall attractiveness of your page. The only thing I’d suggest it placing student.barista.thinker under your name, maybe centered. Although I do like what the left justify is currently doing.

  3. You’ve done a nice job adjusting the transparency of your background such that you still get the sense of the photo behind, but you also have a emphasis on the content that the PLP brings up.

  4. Love the image and the scenery it portrays. However, I think having the text box in the middle gets in the way of enjoying the image; try upper right with smaller font size.

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