Eric Chien Assignment 101


I started by looking through the image. After wondering for a bit, I began by adjusting the curves on a separate layer, where I found that a slight parabolic shape could touch-up the image well. Then I experimented with the Mixer, adjusting RGB to ratios of 8,8, and 116. Little changed, but from there, adding a Pop layer made the bricks over-colored. This light adjustment brings out the original color of the brick, and the mortar as if it had never faded.

Comments (8)

  1. I really like the definition and detail that shines through after your edits. There is a great depth and texture.

  2. great job and nice pic. I like those details and dim points on the picture. And after you prove the picture, the color just look way better.

  3. Strong patterns strengthened by breaking it. I like the fracture/cut in the bricks. The contrast gives it more mood.

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