Eric Chien Exercise 103

This is the Saint Joseph Lighthouse in Berrien, Michigan. There is a high depth of field and high contrast between materials. The composition is done well to house the building with rule of thirds, and the bridge spans diagonally off the frame. The photographer, Krzysztof Hanusiak, used a f/22, 0.6s exposure without flash. Large amounts of detail is shown throughout the image from the small aperture. A longer shutter speed was used as this was taken during low light conditions.


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  1. Such cool picture, the lighthouse being frozen with the lake is stunning. I really enjoy that we found out the depth of field that I photographer used, it gives a better understanding of what is happening from behind the camera.

  2. This snowy building catches my eye because it completes the rule of third and it is not something that people can see everyday, people sometimes need to travel far away just to see this scenery.

  3. The rule of thirds and diagonal composition is apparent right off the bat. However, what I think makes the image more intriguing is the amount of detail that shown. The photographer did a great job capturing the unique texture of the icicles with the use of their camera settings.

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