Ethan Ekandem-Exercise 101-Thomas Heatherwick’s First Residential Building

Thomas Heatherwick, a London based designer commissioned his first project in Singapore. This 22-story-tall luxury tower is named Eden. Lush vegetation grows on three sides on every apartment that absorbs rainwater and filter pollutants. The plants have grown big enough to provide shading in the balcony. The interior is also made of natural materials, like oak parquet floors, walnut doors, and limestone bathrooms. The ground level has the lobby and an elevator bank with plant chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Heatherwick believed that crafting a natural environment is not only more important that COVID-19, is having spaces for long-term living.


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  1. I love how nature is put at the forefront of this design. I think that having the natural world be an integral part of architectural design is going to be more important now more than ever. Having a connection with nature is not only good for the environment, but also good for our physical and mental health as well.

  2. I agree with Connor. Right now, with everything happening in our surroundings, embracing nature is one of the healthiest ways to ease frustrations, and stress in someone’s life. This is going to be a perfect home for everyone.

  3. I as well agree with Connor. I think when a structure involves nature it gives it a nice balance to the structure and surrounding. It as well gives this life to the structure.

  4. I love the incorporation of nature into the apartment building. I can tell that a lot of thought went into designing this building, and I love how not only is there a rooftop garden, but every apartment seems to get a piece of nature.

  5. I absolutely love the design, concept and the careful thought process and consideration this architect put into building Eden. I’m a huge fan of biophilic design, and all the different ways to integrate nature with design. The exterior is breathtaking and the interior is beautifully conceptualized with all-natural products. I enjoyed reading this article very much, thanks for sharing it.

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