Ex 103 – Hao Wang

Establishing Your Online Identity & Creating a Personal Landing Page


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  1. I like the facet that when someone looks at your name it is as though they are looking up to the heavens, almost suggesting that you are immortal, so great picture choice. I would suggest adding links to your other social media and work to make the page more interactive.

  2. Very good choice of colors in fonts. The white color for your name brings the MAXIMUM CONTRAST. The green and blue lines are following the color composition language in the building lights.

  3. I like the style of your background which introduces us to the architectures from a bottom view. I would suggest you to add more links to your profile so as to let people to know more about you.

  4. I really like how you coordinated your font colors with the colors in the background. That is a really great affect and good attention to detail

  5. I really like your background image. It is very dark though, so having the wording in a brighter color would help make it stand out.

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