Ex 103- Shanna Keil

This photo uses a variety of compositional techniques. We can clearly see the rule of thirds, as the bench and the bottom of the wall are both aligned with the bottom third of the photo. It also is a symmetrical photo, save for a few details where that symmetry is broken, such as the light post on the left or the markings on the wall. It also demonstrates overlapping layers, as it has several layers of the bench, the sidewalk, the wall, the mountains, and the sky. It has very distinct components that are simplistic and singular, almost as if each section were its own photo. These individual components are then brought together by overlapping elements, such as the bench breaking the space between the wall and the sidewalk, and the light post connecting the sky, the mountains, and the wall.


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  1. Hi Shanna,
    You have chosen a beautiful photo and I think you have analyzed it very nicely. I agree that it follows the rule of thirds perfectly and has nice symmetry that is broken by the one stick or light post sticking up in the left side of the frame. The colors and composition are very satisfying to look at.

  2. I really like the image you chose. The overlapping layers help each aspect stand out and they all go well with each other. I like the vibrance of the wall compared to the colors surrounding it.

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