Ex. 103 – Yan Yung Li

I found this photograph fascinating. Although it is just a regular waterfall, the photographing technique that she used to apply within the picture makes it dynamic. In this image, she used the waterfall to create a strong diagonal to catch viewers' attention. At the same time, she managed to apply rule of third on the bottom left where the water ran into the pound. Besides, she also used overlapping layers with the rocks. Thus, I think these techniques work great together to make her photo looks good.


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  1. I totally agree with your analysis of the photo. I think this photo is really good example which shows the rule of third. Overlapping rocks make the photo more dynamic.

  2. I am agreed with you that the waterfall creates a strong diagonal, therefore, it breaks the whole picture and brings the focus point to us. And also, the slow shutter speed of the waterfall makes it more vivid and attractive.

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