Ex.127-Kilia Hernandez

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  1. It’s a clean and sharp design. I particularly like how you treat the right side panel with the variation of color gradient to simulate the lighting effect.

  2. I like your cover design. Although there are very few elements, it looks simple and has a sense of design. If it were me, I might consider changing to a font with a more geometric design, but it looks very good now.

  3. I really like how you played with shadows and shapes on your cover. It’s very well put together and it shows how talented you are with design.

  4. I love how you put the title in the design. Although I think it’s better if you just put it straight on the cover.

  5. I really, REALLY like the shapes and shadows you’ve used. I think you might want to move the words out of the way and let the shapes and shadows and light play across the page. I think the replacement of your name is fine, but maybe move the other words to the lower left side?

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