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Details Unveiled for Elon Musk’s California, Solar-Powered “Hyperloop”

This is an interesting article that poses an alternative concept for high speed transport in the State of California. Elan Musk is the same entrepreneur that is now providing space shuttle services, resupplying the Intl. space station for NASA. He also started Tesla Motors.  


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  1. Hi Charlie,
    I saw this in the news before and thought that it was interesting and wondered how practicle it would be to actually build this (cost effective?). I’m sure we’ll get our answer in the future. I hope in the near future. 🙂
    One last thing, don’t forget part 3 of this exercise where we have to add a photo to http://www.gravatar.com

  2. The idea is really interesting and I think a prototype should be built. Even if not now, I can see this idea being a reality within the years to come. Elon Musk is like the Iron Man of our time.

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