Ex108 – David San Miguel

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  1. The image with the burning down city looks amazing, the person on the beach really feels like he belongs to the scene and the color matches too.

  2. The first one is so well-done that makes me wonder what happened to the second kkk
    though the shadow cast upon the desert could be a fairly tough one with respect to its hardness and the waving pattern of the ground

  3. The first image looks awesome, the man is squatting on the beach while the city is being attacked. The man perfectly merge into the background, which also seems to convey the feeling of loneliness, really good one!

  4. Cool art work. It seems so real and the tone really connected between the person and the background. It is amazing !

  5. Since you chose a scene with very easy lighting conditions to work with, the person you integrated within the scene worked really well.

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