Ex112 – Hao Wang

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  1. I really like how you used the ellipse as a paragraph. It’s also good that you showed the capital on the colulmn, it adds a detail/feel from the time of Vitruvius.

  2. I like the format of your article. you placed articles with the ellipse very well. moreover, you put some colors to organize your article. it matches very well with this format.

  3. the poster give me magazine feeling. the organization and color you pick make composition very interesting. negative and positive space are balanced very well too.

  4. your article layout is so fancy! The funky fonts in the middle of the article seizes me. And i like the way you put different color on the odd number article.

  5. in my opinion, it’s a bad idea to make the whole paragraph blue, because it’s harder to read actually. and the # of the paragraph have better to be same size i think.

  6. Nice job. I like the experimental language of your layout. Also the oval layout of the central text looks very interesting.

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