Excercise 103-Kara Pomer

They say "don't go chasing waterfalls" but Atli Arnarson sure did that, and I'm sure glad he did.

(I bet you get a ton of jokes like this in this class, I'm sorry, but I had to.) 


While looking through this man's Flickr page, there were so many pictures that I wish I could have chosen. His simple aesthetic yet combination of intricate textures and details created this oher-world feeling by simply enhancing and focusing on the hidden beauty of nature. This one posted in the link above, had truly caught my attention with the way it gave a sense of "a hidden tranquil place".  Like many of his other photos with flowing water, he used longer exposure to get the softer, streaky, blurred looking water. Framing, he framed the "hidden" waterfall between two large mountainous rocks. And lastly overlapping layers, he used the textures to really draw your eyes to certain spots to get you to travel through his picture. 

Unfortunately I cannot download the picture to use as a featured image, so i just used a generic dell screensaver.

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