Excercise 105-Dahyun Oh

original->black&white->Adjusting level->Curves-> Channel mix->Dodging&Burning


image1-original image1-channel-mixerimage1-curves image1-dodging-burningimage2 original image2-black&white  image2-level-adjustment image2-curvesimage2-channel-mixer image2-dodging_burningimage3_channel-mixing image3-black&whiteimage3-original image3-adjusting-levelimage3-curves image3-dodging&burning N

Comments (2)

  1. The way the fountain is in the center makes it seem like it splits the Music building in half is very eye catching. It somehow makes it look symmetrical. Also, the picture of the bridge is nicely edited. I really liked the black and white one- it reminds me of one of those classic movies.

  2. You have quiet the eye for photography, these pictures are absolutely stunning. All I’d say is that some of your photos seem a bit too centered. A little bit of offsetting here and there would help.

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