Exercise 114- Phoebe

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  1. The use of color and shape, organic and geometric really ties your logo together and makes it stand out among others good job.

  2. The circle frames the logo and does a good job in bringing the viewer’s attention to it. You did did a good job in adding a color scheme and making have flow inside the logo!

  3. The logo is so well done, the change in color and the geometric shapes are used so well. Its clean and eye catching, god job!

  4. The other two works I commented on popped out to me while looking at everyone’s work and the same happened with your logo. I enjoy the colors you chose as they are all very complimentary to each other and your design is organized very well. Great Job!

  5. I really like the geometry of the logo and the colors chosen as well, but maybe state what your logo is meant for.

  6. The colors and geometry of your logo makes it almost seem like it should be a medieval helmet. Otherwise, the black background makes it stand out and gives it a more intense, serious feel

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