Excerise 101 Planter Box House:)

This Planter Box house is adding that nice green outside in your private inside living space while still having that clean organized living area to do everyday functions and tasks. I really enjoy this house. It doesn't look the prettiest on the outside besides the plants but on the inside is just the greatest! Kinda just like you're on your own little world.


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  1. This is a pretty nice house, it is very spacious and incorporates the outside life into the indoor world very nicely. Not only does it have a big windows and openings to view the outside but it also has a lot of plant life inside which makes the indoors feel like its being flooded with the outside life.

  2. I love that how open this house is, it stands out in a city setting. It shows that there is both life and function in the interior and exterior. The windows letting in natural light gives off a refreshed and relaxed setting. It definitely invites one to go out to the balcony and roofs to take a breath of fresh air.

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