Excersice 103 post, part 1-Arielle Abraham


This is an image of the James Turrell light instillation in Texas, titled the Twilight Epiphany. Personally, I find this image pleasing to look at and is also why I'd say it is a "good" photograph. There's something about how the building is perfectly centered in the middle, and even the lighting that somewhat pulls the building forward. There are elements of symmetry in this photo, from the building to what's in the background. It uses the depth of field, the building on the left is a little out of focus and darker, while the left side of the photo is extremely clear and lighter. I cannot tell the shutter speed because everything in this photo is stationary, but I am guessing it is relatively fast because of the sharpness of the image. This photo definitely follows the rule of thirds by just looking at it, I don't even have to use my thumbs.

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