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  1. Hello Juan,
    Wow, amazing job with this assignment. I think that the views that you’ve selected help to illustrate the layout of your house, an awesome job.

  2. This is a great job, Juan. I like the shape of windows and the entire feeling of your house is sophisticated. There is one thing that I can tell, actually, you should have base ground so that your house can be felt more natural.

  3. The sky textured windows were a good choice, these images would be nice to use in a presentation

  4. This is an excellent building, I really like the textures. The only thing that confuses me is the steps leading up to the door. Might have been better to place them higher.

  5. I really love natural light. I believe influences your everyday mood. This days many homes designed by architects do not have a source for natural light or simply do not take advantage of it. It’s free! Why not incorporate it into your everyday dwelling!
    Thanks for your comment. Good luck!

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