Exercise 101 – Digital Museum

The "Digital Museum" was inspired the the Fibonacci spiral, as shown by it's shape. Designed by architect Claudiu Ionesco, he designed the dynamic shape of the structure to offer visitors a sense of nature and life. Inside, there exists the latest technology meant for showcasing 3D video projections, 3D screens, touchscreens and more. The building is eco-friendly in nature, as noticed by the green roof that does not obstruct the view of the landscape that surrounds it. The structure is made of reinforced concrete walls that are tilted at an angle, so it is not your traditional rectangle-like building. Due to it's non-traditional shape, it was not a design that was easy for both structural engineers and architects, but it was doable, as it was completed within 5 months of construction.


By Kaye Azucenas

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  1. Very cool building! I like how you included the inspiration of the Fibonacci spiral and technology used in the museum.

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