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This article showcases Renzo Piano's showcases the renovation of three art museums in the Harvard Campus.  An annex and a triangular structure unites the North American, Germanic, and Asian art collections by adding more stories. The unification exemplifies the campus culture of shared experience, while preserving the historical identities of the buildings that had formerly housed them and subtly suggests, as the author notes, a "willingness to be part of the campus than a standalone piece". The improved circulation "suggests than directs", allowing visitors to create their own paths through the Harvard Art Museums according to their own interests.

The triangular roof sits atop the Germanic section of the Harvard Art Museums (Renzo Piano). The glass/steel structure extends the collection by housing its art, as well as providing natural light and views from the courtyard inside the museum.

Article: https://www.archdaily.com/908418/renzo-pianos-renovation-of-the-harvard-art-museums-is-years-on-a-quiet-neighbourly-triumph

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  1. Renzo Piano’s renovation on Harvard’s art museum is really magnificent! A very nice design that blends to the old structures while having a modern touch.

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